The style I provide is ever-changing and will be tailored to and based upon ones interests. I am experienced in role play and can go from Sensual Domination to Corporal Punishment.

I am Miss Medusa Stone, a Professional Dominatrix since 2002 who resides and practices in St. Louis, Missouri. Let's go on a journey to the Playground of your mind, where the exploration of your fears and fantasy come to life.

What is it that brought you here? Is it your desire for degradation and humiliation or is it your sexual neurosis and your need for surrender? I am sophisticated, out of the ordinary, and capable of the manipulation and control you hunger for.

"I Learned at a Young Age That Will, Determination & Confidence Can Put People in Their Place, But Shrewdness, Wittiness & Fear is What Keeps Them There."

I am Medusa Stone, an Artisan of Fetish.
I am a Woman. I am a Supreme Being.
Do you dare step into the cave of a Siren that could quite possibly turn you to Stone?

Mythological Medusa
In Greek mythology, Medusa, was a monstrous chthonic female character, essentially an extension of an apotropaic mask, gazing upon whom could turn onlookers to stone.  Secondarily, Medusa was tripled into a trio of sisters, the Gorgon.  Aeschylus says that the three Gorgons had only one tooth and one eye between them, which they had to swap between themselves

Stheno ("Forceful, The Mighty") The first Sister is that of evil and hatred, a power-hungry being. Relentless in nature, she has no compassion for that of the week. She is approached with circumspection. Euryale ("Far-Roaming, The Far-Springer") although vicious as well, the second Sister is that of wisdom and calm calculation as her passage has made Her aware of all pursuits. A reckoning force more precise in nature, She will assume the best disposition to conquer Her foe. 
Medusa (Guardian, Protectress) according to Ovid, Medusa alone had serpents in her hair, and this was due to Athena cursing her. Neptune became enamored of her, and obtained her favors in the temple of Minerva as he was aroused by the golden color of Medusa's hair. Athena therefore changed the enticing golden locks into serpents. Medusa is formed of the Forceful, The Mighty, The Far-Springer, The Guardian and the Protectress.

Medusa's head is both a mirror and a mask, hence beautiful yet terrifying. Medusa's mask still retains its secret. What is the reason for the viperine hair, the lolling tongue, and in particular, why is Medusa female? What relationship is there between violence, holy terror, and Woman?